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About Us

About Us

At Joining DOTS Organisation, we believe that

In the Universe, all of us are merely DOTS. DOTS was initially an abbreviation of ‘Door of The Society’ i.e. the human species along with all living beings. We aim at joining these Dots, in order to bring us all together as ‘One’. To connect, to heal and to grow, together towards a better present. joiningdotsorganisation was registered in the year 2018 by our founder who realized a need to put together a team of professionals as well as passionate individuals who wish to contribute to their society and help build a harmonious community. While we see a whole lot of population aiming for success and thriving to achieve; whereas the world is in urgent need of more healers, community welfare organizations and givers of all kinds.

Our Story

Our story starts way back, from year 1998-2001

About Our Founder and President, Nirmala Thakur has been working as a Social Worker since 21years. Starting off by rescuing Female Sex Workers from the Red Light Areas of Mumbai and working to improve Health and Education in the lives of the needy and under privileged Initially

she started rescuing girls and children from the red light areas of Mumbai (1998- 2001). Went on to work with Asha Mahila Sanstha as Project Coordinator (2002-2013); later joined SAI (2013-2015) wherein she worked as an Outreach Worker. Began running her own NGO: Mother India Social Welfare Foundation in the year 2012. South Mumbai’s Vice President designated by the Human Rights Committee (INDIA).


Worked as the Secretary of the foundation board of IHRC
(International Human Rights Council) from 2016-2018. Is associated with TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), PUKAR NGO,
JanSharnam Organization, Human Power Organization at varying posts. Also working with International Organizations like Child

.Nepal: Mentor, Blue Cross and Blue Crescent
.Society: Brand Ambassador, BSW International
.College- Nepal: Chief Researcher, Social Welfare.

In 2018, Nirmala Thakur was recognized for her utmost dedication and passion towards her field by the Academy of Universal Global Peace by nominating her for the Honorary Doctorate in the field of Social Work. ‘AUGP’ is an Inter-Government Organization.


What We Can Do

We Believe that We can Save More Lifes with you

Program Outreach
In the past 15 years, our Founder, Dr. Nirmala Thakur has reached more than 1500 Female Sex Workers in Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Bhiwandi and Pune out of Maharashtra, individually. A count of more than 250 women and 150 children were rescued by her while she led or participated in rescue operations. Today, the NGO has reached more than 15,000 people in the past one year of its tenure. This includes all the issues that we are addressing, across India.


If you would like to work for an organisation making a real impact now is the time Give your support to us, we pass them to millions of needy person.


We Tackle

Human Trafficking

People are frequently illegally trafficked through India for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced/bonded labor. Traffickers of young girls into prostitution in India are often women who have been trafficked themselves. Minor girls and women constituted about 76% of human trafficking cases in India over the past decade

Child Labour

More than 3o years have passed since the Parliament has passed a law to protect children from child labor, yet it remains an uphill task in India and grows every day. A poor conviction rate of violators is a major hindrance, besides


In the past few decades, the world has seen illness, fear and death as they came across new viruses and increase in diseases like HIV, AIDS, Cancer and Tuberculosis. These have killed a major population, due to lack of awareness and diagnosis amongst the masses


A vast majority of kids escape education to support their families and lives. Inequality in income, absence of proper guidance and the customs that discourage females to pursue education, are few of the major reasons that leave equality in education, unachievable.


Want to make a difference?

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